Creative Writing

I write poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. The mediums that I like to use to present my written words are video (cine-poetry) and spoken-word performance. Currently, I’m pursuing an Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing at the Univesity of Oxford. In addition to this, I’m a Barbican Young Poet (2018/2019) and am based in London. 

My writing gives insights into my personal life experiences, and through that, I seek to communicate and remind those who listen that we are all connected through the shared human experience. Writing about intimate experiences of loss, trauma, joy, and perseverance my poetry/stories/visuals strive to reach out, soothe, share and connect with those that are exposed to it.

As an artist, I also seek to facilitate and grow with other artists. This is why I co-founded the artist collective Poet and Prophetess, that is dedicated to facilitating, producing and amplifying unheard artistic voices in Germany/UK.

Freelance Work

Outside, of my own creative writing projects. I have offered copywriting, copy-editing, creative content production, and blogging services to various businesses and brands. Find my portfolio here.

My themes of interest are wellness, fitness, plant-based cooking, and economics. However, my copywriting is not confined to these topics, and I have written copy outside of these themes.


What to expect:

This website serves as a portfolio of my work. Yet, it is also an archive of my failures and success, on my journey to living my best creative life as a writer.  Additionally, I will also be blogging about food/wellness because artists need to eat and live too.