I write poetry, flash fiction and short stories. The mediums that I love to use to present my written words are video (cine-poetry) and spoken-word performance.

I am also the founder of the holistic lifestyle blog @howtogrowaflower. 

Outside, of my own creative writing projects. I have been offering copywriting services to start-ups; which includes newsletters and creating creative content. Furthermore, I have also curated and co-ordinated the Instagram account for Berlin’s first African literature festival and have written blog posts for third parties.

My writing topic expertise lies mainly in the field of wellness, fitness, plant-based cooking and economics. However, my copywriting skills are not confined to these topics, and I have written copy outside of these themes.

Please, email me for my portfolio and rates.

My Story

I was born in 93′ in Berlin. But my brother, father and I moved to Mombasa when I was eight years old, following the death of my mother. I have been writing mainly poetry and short stories since the age of nine. It was a medium for me to cope with the trauma and loss. Writing has also always been the best way that I can articulate my sense of being with those around me.

I moved back to Berlin five years ago to pursue a degree in economics at the Humboldt University of Berlin. I graduated last year with a BSc. However, creative writing has always been my passion.  And therefore, I’m currently pursuing a part-time Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford. Additionally, in 2018 I was selected to be the artist in residence at the British Council Germany, for my creative writing. Furthermore, I have been selected to be a Barbican Young Poet for the year 2018-2019 in London. And will be relocating to London for that. 

I perform my poetry regularly at different events in Berlin and have found a community there that has been supportive and has been encouraging me all the way.  This has moved me to co-found the artistic collective Poet and Prophetess, with two very talented poets, Trovi DeLille and Candice Nembhard. The collective seeks to facilitate and highlight marginalised and unheard  artistic voices.

What to expect:

This website serves as a portfolio of my professional work. Yet, it is also an archive of my failures and success, on my journey to living my best creative life as a writer. I will be sharing blog posts about thoughts that run through my mind and general updates about future events and projects on here as well.