Abscission in plants is the shedding of leaves, flowers and fruits. The process of abscission in plants happens in three processes
1) resorption,
2) protective layer formation
3) detachment.

The detachment phase is increased by water inhibition as observed in apple, citrus, peach and nut trees. Abscission in cells is observed during cytokinesis which is the cell division process when the cytoplasm( all the contents of a cell apart from the nucleus) of one eukaryotic cell divides into two daughter cells. Abscission is the phase where two daughter cells get split up, therefore completing cytokinesis. In zoology, abscission is the shedding of a body part such as a claw or in the case of some Geckos the shedding of a tail to avoid predators.

The poet in this piece is shedding parts of themselves. Shedding of hair and of panic that releases tears and pain. Abscission is a form of vulnerability, as the fallen leaves of pain and the fruits of fear and doubt have fallen. Yet, not fully out of sight, as the fruits lie on display for all to see. The poet like a tree drops fruits of truths and nuts of fears, that hit the reader to pick up, ingest and introspect.

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