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Today I want to share with you something that I have tried out and I must say I am loving it, so far. It is not about food but it is about fashion.

A few weeks ago I signed myself up for Kleiderei. This is a magical idea that was brought to life by Thekla Wilkening und Pola Fendel from Hamburg. Kleiderei is a platform where you can borrow 4 pieces of clothing and even accessories, at a flat rate price of 34 Euros a month. It is like a never-ending wardrobe! Monthly you receive a new packet, once you have returned the previous items that you borrowed. The rate includes the shipping costs, and I must say that it is quite a fair price. I mean if you think about it how much money do we waste on clothes and items that we may only wear once and then toss in some container around the corner.

The clothes from Kleiderei are made up of clothes from young local designers, vintage items and items that you yourself have sent to Kleiderei that may not be for you but could be something for someone else. “Another girls trash is another girls treasure”.

I joined Kleiderei even before I had watched the documentary the true cost. Which I can only recommend everybody to watch.

Anyway, the first box that I received from Kleiderei was a curated surprise package. This means that I answered a questionnaire and gave my measurements and then Poala selected some pieces that she thought would suit me according to my answers and requests. I have always been someone that loves surprises (in boxes and envelopes) and since I am still searching for my style this was a great option for me. Below are images of the 4 items that I got 🙂

PicMonkey Image
All in all, I loved all the pieces that i got.
I received a lovely postcard and also got a magazine and a brochure with more information about what happens to the clothes that I send to them.

I can say that I loved all the pieces that I got except for one skirt that was very loose and wasn’t really something that I would wear. However, all in all, I can only recommend it. If you are looking for an alternative and are tired of being overwhelmed by your wardrobe, I can only urge you to try Kleiderei. It is a really wonderful concept and the website and processing also were easy and fun.

Please note that I am not getting paid for this, I am just sharing something that has helped me find a solution to my problem. I was at conflict with trying to dress fashionably and not owning too much, and not supporting big cooperation that suck the living life out of people and nature.  So yes, Kleiderei is that solution for me.


Kleiderei: -sadly the website is only available in german.

The true cost documentary:



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